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Three Minutes.

A lone figure sat in a small café allowing him easy viewing access to the large, pristine building across the street. The building was new, only opened a few years ago, in May 2004. It had already grown in reputation, and had become a prominent part of the London skyline. The architecture was either exquisite, or an eyesore, although everyone agreed that the boldness Norman Foster had when building the skyscraper was very high. Mixed reviews aplenty, it had still became symbiosis with London. Tourists flocked to see Big Ben, Nelson, Westminster Abbey, the Millennium Eye. 30 St Mary Axe had become the next place on the list. The odd design of the building has stimulated Londoners into giving it a suitable nickname, a nickname which has become much more popular than the actual name itself. It had suitably been labelled, The Gherkin.

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