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Two Minutes.

A lone figure sat in a small café allowing him easy viewing access to the large, pristine building across the street. When a youthful businessman first purchased this small café ten years ago, he had hopes of it becoming a franchise. He imagined that it would take ten years. After ten years, they would be over fifty of his restaurants plastered around the country, all offering the same low-cost-but-high-quality-food-and-beverages. In ten years, the first shop would be opening in New York, right next to a Starbucks. Starbucks would be scared. The businessman decided to give the café a „jazzy“ name, a name which would become famous in the next ten years. „L’arbre rouge“. The name didn’t catch on. A Starbucks opened next to L’arbre rouge. The businessman was scared and watched has his little café became dwarfed as franchise superpower took over London. Still, the small café had just attracted their most interesting of customers.

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